November 21, 2018


The Foundation’s programme of activities includes the organization of lectures and periodic meetings in the form of conferences and seminars conducted by specialized experts, representatives from the political world, the Press and the media as well as eyewitnesses of episodes, from Greece and elsewhere, with the purpose of cross-checking information, ascertainments and experiences in respect of world affairs of the past fifty years of critical significance for Greece and the international community.

Τhe following events have already taken place:
2.6.2010 Speech by the Academic Dean of the Fletcher school of Tufts University, Peter Uvin (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation).
18.3.2009 Presentation of the 3-volume edition: “Konstantinos Karamanlis in the twentieth century” (Old Parliament).

4.11.2008  An International Conference, organized by the Konstantinos G. Karamanlis Foundation and the Center for European Policy Studies, marking the 10th anniversary of the passing of K. Karamanlis (Βrussels)

26.6.2008 Speech by the Chairman of Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) of Bosnia-Herzegovina Dr. Nikola Spiric (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation)
23 - 24.5.2008 2day-Conference: ”Konstantinos Karamanlis in his birthplace. 10th anniversary of his passing” and
Unveiling the statue of Karamanlis (TEI of Serres - Proti Serres).

20.12.2007 ”View of historical sources through digital media” (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation).

22-23.7.2007 Thirty years since the foundation of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi. Tribute in honour of Κonstantinos G. Karamanlis (Delphi).

5-9.6.2007 International Symposium: “Κonstantinos Karamanlis in the twentieth century” (Zappeion Megaron)

20.3.2007 “Κonstantinos G. Karamanlis. A hundred years since his birth, 1907-2007” (Concert Hall, Athens).

29.11.2006 Event: “Κonstantinos G. Karamanlis Foundation and the Κonstantinos Karamanlis Chair in Hellenic and Southeastern European Studies at Tufts University“ (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation).

3.9.2006 Unveiling of the bust of Konstantinos Karamanlis (Mykonos).

10.5.2006 Unveiling of the bust of Konstantinos Karamanlis (Filothei).

28.10.2005 Cultural event entitled “The Macedonian. The cultural contribution of Konstantinos G. Karamanlis” (Concert Hall, Thessaloniki).

29.6.2005 Cultural event entitled “Memories of Culture” (Herodeion).

18-19.5.2005 2day-Conference: ”Spain, Portugal, Greece. Thirty years since the restoration of Democracy” (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation - Zappeion Megaron).

9-11.3.2005 Symposium “Konrad Adenauer and Konstantinos G. Karamanlis. Past and future of German-Greek relations” (Adenauer Foundation, Berlin).

22.7.2004 Cultural event entitled “Memories of Democracy” (Pnyka)

8.9.2003 Event in the European Parliament in honor of K. Karamanlis (Brussels).

24.4.2002 Conference: ”Karamanlis, Europe, Culture” (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation).

23-24.4.2001 2day-Conference: ”Konstantinos Karamanlis and Nothern Greece” (Thessaloniki Port Authority).

5-6.10.2000 2day-Conference: ”De Gaulle and Karamanlis: the Nation the State, Europe” (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation).

25-26.11.1999 2day-Conference:”The European Course of Greece and Konstantinos Karamanlis” (Κ. Κaramanlis Foundation).

19.4.1999 Event in memory of Konstantinos Karamanlis for the first anniversary of his passing. (Concert Hall, Αthens).

14.5.1997 Presentation of the 12-volume edition “Konstantinos Karamanlis: Archive, Events & Texts” (Concert Hall, Αthens).